Policies & Procedures

Human Resources Policy & Procedures Manual

Health & Safety
PSI are committed to managing activities in a safe and responsible manner that protects the health, safety and wellbeing of the people we work with, our customers and the community. PSI beholds its Duty of Care to the people we work with, our clients and the environment in which we operate

Environmental Management
PSI is committed to supplying and achieving environmental sustainability. We pride ourselves on delivering environmentally solid, integrated solutions to the water and waste management challenges of our customers.

Risk Management
Informed and intelligent risk management is crucial to the commercially vigilant conduct of our business and to the growth and success of our business in the future. The immanent risk in our operating environments necessitates a need to plan and manage risks in an informed way and this underpins our decision making and plan of action in our day to day operations. PSI's proactive commitment to risk management, instils greater confidence and loyalty in our valued customers.

Time Management
We appreciate and respect the value of time, for both our valued customers and our team here at PSI. With the breadth of our areas of specialising, coupled with competing demands in time schedules, we always endeavour to do our best to successfully and reliably complete jobs in a timely manner. We do our very best to accommodate any emergencies and or specific customer requests and demands outside working hours, however we are also committed to maintaining a sense of work-life balance for our team.